The Káva Drama/Theatre in Education Association has been working constantly as a theatrical and dramapedagogy group since 1996. Our main aim as Budapest’s first professional TIE (Theater in Education) group is to create complex performances and perform them regularly, mainly for the age group from 8 to 18 years old. Beyond the aesthetic education, it is also our project to develop democratic attitude, to investigate micro- and macro social and ethical – moral problems through theatrical forms. In our work with kids, the theatre is also a tool to find a way to deeper understanding of an important human problem. Our theatre pedagogy work focuses on facing social questions, through which we are exploring the components of being human.


We use such a performing technique – based on the involvement of the audience – that consciously blurs the borders between actors and spectators, to make sure that the participants are able to control the happenings and to create their own relationship to the problem put in focus. Our problem – propounding performances with the means of the dialogue and the common thinking makes available for the participants to get to know more about themselves and their environment, and also not to see the world as if in static immobility, but as in progress.

It is integral part of this work to approach by a pedagogic point of view, but we try to completely avoid to ask questions in a didactic way and also to question the schematic, platitudinous answers.


The founders of the group are some of Hungary’s most experienced and educated theatre pedagogy professionals, as they have more than 20 years of practical experience behind them by today. Our group has been paying attention immensely to dissemination: with the title of Színház és pedagógia (Theater and pedagogy) we write and publish book series, and we make and publish professional documentaries and methodological films ourselves and also ask groups to create them with us. In addition to this, we lead trainings regularly in Hungary and abroad, we organize conferences and workshops, we lead researching projects in the fields of dramapedagogy (or participate in such projects very actively).


As an experiment, we also create performances for adult audiences. The principle here is the same as in the kids’ performances: we make our audience to leave the spectator’s role to the participant’s role.


Since the beginning of 2013, we sum our art and pedagogy work in the phrase of A Résztvevő Színháza – ARS (The Participant’s Theatre), which is also the mirror of our new form and community – participatory theater perception.

Our work definitely puts the terms ‘educate by theater’ and ‘educate for theater’ in dialogue and do not oppose them.




Address                      H-1117, Budapest, Kőrösy József utca 17.